-Calgary, AB, June 2020-

Do you love to meet lots of new people every day,
and the challenge of winning them over?

Want to make great money this spring/summer working with a small, local business that prioritizes our workers' wellbeing?

If so, you may be fit to cut yourself a great paycheck for Spring > Summer 2020,
with our in-depth training and support to get you there.

$207 Earned In 3 Hours...

...maybe you could do even better!

$601 over 2 Five-Hour Shifts...

...will you be this year's top seller?

This is a commission-based door-to-door sales position selling a tried-and-true product that thousands of people buy every year in Calgary:

  • Exterior Window Cleaning (Make $25-$100 a pop from one door!)

  • Full Exterior Siding Scrubs (Your typical commission is between $40-$110!)

^^^ You'll be selling for an experienced crew with high work standards ^^^

As a sales associate you will simply be talking to people and selling work that our labor team will perform either on the same day or in the near future. You get to leave the dirty work for the workers that are into that!

With a good effort and willingness to learn about the products and sales skills, you could earn yourself:

  • $15-$20/hour - even without previous sales skills - once you've gone through some of our self-paced video training and practiced your scripts

  • $20-40/hour once you've really absorbed the training and have become competent through practice on the doors

  • $40-$60/hour if you're an experienced salesperson, know the products in-and-out and are ready to jog between doors

  • $60+/hour? - maybe you have a golden tongue - or untapped talents just waiting to be developed...come set some new records at our company and show us how it's done! :)

Made $529 in 10 Hours...

...come show us how it's done!

These are services that people know about and understand the value of. If you get your basic script together (we'll train you), look presentable, and come across with respect to the individuals you meet throughout your day, they'll buy from you!

Great opportunity to earn, get some gentle exercise (or jog and get your heart-rate up if you like!), and grow your people/sales skills for whatever you plan to do for your future.

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P.S. We're looking for individuals that want to hunker down, work hard and maximize the spring and summer, with things beginning to taper off around August 1st. The most profitable times for you to work are afternoons/evenings and weekends as more people are home at these times.

P.P.S. Work location may be flexible depending on your location and whether you have a car. If you don't have transport, rendez-vous will most likely be the 45 Street C-Train Station in SW Calgary.

P.P.P.S. Your earnings at this job will relate directly to how much you:

  • learn and practice your scripts and objection overcomes (we'll coach you!), and

  • learn about the services you're selling (we train you!), and

  • keep a quick pace, knock doors and talk to more people during your working hours.

Thus, we can't guarantee that this job is for you nor that you will succeed, or make money, in this commission-based position. However, if you apply yourself and have the right kind of personality/attitude, there is great, proven earning potential!